Apple will repair iPhone 7 devices that refuse to connect to cellular service for FREE

Apple confirmed that only a small percentage of iPhone devices are affected by a bug that prevents the phone from connecting to a cellular network, displaying “No Service” on the status bar. This occurs after the phone switches off Airplane Mode and is unable to re-connect to cellular network. Apple says the problem is due to a failed component on the motherboard, and will offer free repairs to customers  with this issue.

The devices with this problem must be of a specific model number depending on the region that the device is bought. Apple says these devices were manufactured between September 2016 and February 2018 and sold in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, and the United States.

To check if your device may be affected look for the Model number on the back of the phone. Model numbers starting: A1660 and A1780 for China, A1660 for Hong Kong, Macao and U.S. and A1779 for Japan.

Apple also require the customer to get their affected phone repaired in the country or region of purchase. There is one problem,  if the device has unrelated issues such as a cracked screen, customers will need to get it resolved first before going through the complimentary No Service repair.