The WINIX U300 Air Purifier offers superior air cleaning technology designed to capture Dust, Pollen, Pet Dander, Smoke, Mold Spores, Organic Chemicals, and Household Odors and is best used for midsized living spaces, bedrooms or offices. The WINIX U300 uses a unique 5-Stage Air Cleaning System which features a Washable Pre-Filter, CleanCel® Technology, 99.97% True HEPA Filter, Advanced Odor Control Washable Carbon Filter, and WINIX PlasmaWave® Technology.

Weight 13.4 lbs
Dimensions 10.4 × 16.2 × 21.6 in
Model U300
AHAM Verified Room Size 300 sq. ft.
CFM (Low / Med / High / Turbo) 48 / 85 / 131 / 173
CADR (Dust / Pollen / Smoke) 197 / 214 / 197
Warranty 5 Year
Stages 5 Stages
Smart Sensors VOC Sensor
Remote Control Yes
Decibels 26.0 dB
Wattage 60 W

Winix U300 Disassembled (what’s inside video)

The New Winix U300 with 99.97% True Hepa Filter for dust and allergen removal and Activated Granular Carbon Cell for superior adsorption of Smoke, Fumes, Odours and VOC’s in rooms up to 30m2.

The WINIX U300 Air Purifier is ready to go with an ALL-IN-ONE filtration cassette packed to the brim with 99.97% efficient True HEPA filtration, Washable Pre-Filter, CleanCel Anti-Microbial Technology, Granular Odour Eliminating Activated Carbon Filter,and PlasmaWave Technology providing 5-stage superior control of household odours, pollutants, and allergens. Other notable features include a remote control, Filter Monitor to let you know when to change the filter and a Light Sensor which monitors the ambient lighting in the room and adjusts the units electronic display to suit, making sure it is nice and dim at night, and bright enough to see in the morning.

Superior Power  
The Winix U300 also has one of the most powerful CADR ratings in its class. CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate and is the recognised standard for assessing how quickly an air purifier will purify the air in your room size. In rooms up to 30square metres the U300 will purify all of the air once every 12 minutes. To put that into perspective, many similar priced units available on the High Street in outlets such as John Lewis take around 45 minutes to do this once. In short, the quicker the air purifier recirculates the air the better. Pollution in your room does not stop and start, it is a constant factor which relies upon frequent Clean Air Delivery to stay on top of it.

Clean Air Delivery Rate is only half the story…
Although the amount of air passing through the filter is hugely important, it is equally important that the quality of that air meets the correct Hepa standards to ensure that the tiniest of allergens and other airborne pollutants such as traffic particulate (PM2.5), bacteria and viruses, are also being filtered to the highest possible degree. The new Winix U300 with Air Quality Smart Sensor has been scientifically tested and approved by Allergy UK, the leading UK Charity that acts as the voice of millions allergy sufferers. The Filter inside the init is a certified True Hepa which traps over 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns including airborne allergens, household dust, mould spores, fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Granular Carbon layer for Superior Smoke , Odour and VOC removal.
Removing particles like those mentioned above is one thing, but removing fumes, chemicals and odours is another matter all together. These are all gases, and therefore too small to be trapped in even the most efficient Hepa filter. These can only be removed by adsorption, and the only thing they can be adsorbed into is carbon. In addition to its Hepa filter, the U300 has a heavy layer of genuine granular carbon which adsorbs these gases and send the air back into the room odour and chemical free. Carbon filters are especially beneficial to anyone suffering from MCS ( Chemical Sensitivity to the fumes from furniture glue, perfumes and household cleaning products) , and also for removing the odours from tobacco smoke, cooking and pets.

Sleep Mode and Low Energy Consumption
Two of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Breathing Space are ‘How much does it cost to run?’ and ‘How quiet is it?’ The good news is that the U300 costs less to run than most standard light bulbs,and is very nearly completely silent on its sleep mode, meaning you can use it all night without fear of interrupting your sleep. In fact when running in sleep mode it consumes only 4 watts of energy which is quite amazing. Even in turbo mode (which you can use to really purge a room quickly) it still uses only 60 watts of power.

New ‘Smart’ Air Quality Monitor
The new Smart Sensor feature continuously monitors the air quality in the room and and when it senses a change in pollution levels, it automatically adjusts the fan speed to provide the optimum level of performance required to bring the levels back down to safe, comfortable levels. This ensure the machine is always working to provide the best possible air cleanliness for you, even when you are not around.

Recommended use for Living Room, Family Room, Large Bedroom or Kitchen.
The unit comes ready to use with Hepa filter and carbon filters already pre-installed, simply take it out of the box, plug it in and let it work its magic automatically. Of course, here at Breathing Space we do love to talk to our customers, so we are always here to help you and offer advice even after you have received your air purifier!